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Meanwhile, Ms. Choksondik dies and CartmanKyle and Stan think that they are responsible. KyleStan and Tweek are making a snowman, when Stan tells Tweek to put the carrot on for the nose.

Tweek replies 'But what if when I'm putting on the nose, the snowman comes to life and tries to kill me? Cartman imagines them to be a race similar to mermaids who will "take me away from this crappy goddamn planet full of hippies.

Meanwhile, Buttersin his evil alter-ego persona Professor Chaos, is trying to figure out a way to bring disarray to the town. Burns' from The Simpsons and Butters abandons the idea. Cartman soon begins to prepare for the Sea People, even making a sign to welcome them, but after placing them in the water, Stan reveals that they are simply brine shrimp.

Cartman, in a fit of rage, begins to berate his friends, but lightens up after the group decides to place the shrimp in Ms. Choksondik's coffee. The scene then cuts to Ms. Choksondik's house, where she has died and an ambulance is taking away her corpse.

Butters decides to cut the head off of the town's central statue—which mirrors Bart Simpson 's decapitation of Springfield's Jebediah Springfield statue. On the news report, the newscaster interprets Butters' vandalism as an homage to The Simpsons ; the police are not investigating the crime because they want the statue to remain headless as a tribute.

Upon hearing that semen was discovered in the teacher's stomach, the boys conclude that they killed Ms. Choksondik with their "sea men". They go to the morgue to steal the evidence, fearful that they will "find the women too! Cartman then discovers that when the semen they recovered has been added to the Sea People aquarium, it combines with the Brine Shrimp to create an intelligent race of actual sea people. As Butters is about to use his device, a Simpsons commercial announces that Bart will do exactly the same thing in that night's episode.

Butters has a nervous breakdown and begins picturing the town in the animation style of The Simpsons. At the Cartman household, the boys have bought more Sea People, a larger aquarium, and several gallons of semen.

Their Sea-Ciety evolves into an ancient Greek -esque civilization, and they begin worshipping Cartman. Stan and Kyle invite Butters and others to see the aquarium.

Though the boys agree with him, they also note that The Simpsons has done everything, so worrying about that is pointless. Chef also points out that they in turn borrowed their ideas from a classic Twilight Zone episode, " The Little People ".

south park i m a monkey

Butters understands and everyone returns to their normal appearance.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure. Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Title: Hooked on Monkey Fonics 10 Nov Kyle is on a pace to win the annual South Park spelling bee, but ends up being beaten by a pair of home-schooled children, Mark and Rebecca. After the competition, Mark decides he wants to go to a regular school like the other kids, while Kyle finds himself smitten with Rebecca.

Cartman, meanwhile, decides he wants to try homeschooling, which to him means lying in bed all day watching television. It's another example of kids being kids. This show actually has one of the most realistic portrayals of kids I have ever seen. The boys meet two home-schooled kids at a spelling bee, they are extremely smart and seem to know the answers to all the hard spelling questions.

Kyle is smitten by the girl, Rebecca. The home-schooled boy now wants to socialize with the other kids and asks his father to put him in public school.

Dr. Alphonse Mephesto

His father reluctantly agrees. The boy however, gets ridiculed and beaten up because he has not socialized before and acts fairly weird. Meanwhile, Kyle kisses Rebecca. This however turns her into a total slut fairly true to life I might add. Meanwhile, Cartman decides to be home schooled.

This is a very funny south park episode! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.He is handicapped, uses a wheelchair to get around, and has a limited vocabulary consisting only of his own name and a small handful of other words and phrases, he is rarely seen doing this, however.

After a decade of being known simply as "Timmy", his full name was revealed to be "Timmy Burch" in the episode " T. One of Timmy's most notable traits, together with being the only child who uses a wheelchair in the fourth-grade class at South Park Elementaryis his limited vocabulary. He mostly says his name and the slurred phrase "livin' a lie. In several episodes, Timmy has said other basic words and names. The Musical ", he is able to say the name he had given his pet turkey, Gobbles. He says "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld!

He also successfully yells "Please help me! In the South Park opening theme song for Season 6he sings "Timmy timmy timmy timmy, timmy timmy livin' a lie timmy!

south park i m a monkey

Timmy Burch first appears in " The Tooth Fairy Tats "; his three scenes in the episode having little relevance to the central plot. Comedy Central originally wanted to remove him from the episode, in fear of potential controversy over the inclusion of a mentally handicapped character. Timmy was originally intended only for that episode, but proved so popular that he was given his own story three episodes later, in " Timmy ", where he becomes the lead singer of a successful band originally titled " The Lords of the Underworld ", later titled "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld"despite his limited vocabulary.

Throughout the episode, Phil Collins complains that Timmy is being exploited, although he achieves extreme popularity. The message delivered at the end of the episode is that there is nothing wrong with the situation; given that Timmy enjoys playing music and his audiences enjoy listening to him.

Timmy wears a red sweater and black pants. His head is deformed at the top, and he has strawberry blonde hair. He is almost always seen sitting in a black wheelchair and is usually smiling openly and fidgeting with his hands. During the metrosexual fad in the episode, " South Park is Gay! Timmy fighting Jimmy Valmer in " Cripple Fight ". Despite his disabilities, Timmy is treated fairly amongst his classmates at school. In " Professor Chaos ", Timmy makes the top ten finalists in the boy's competition for their new friend, although he is disqualified, as Cartman claims he is "self-centred".

He is also used by the boys as a camera-man for their band in " Something You Can Do with Your Finger " which he failed at and as a test subject for their time machine in " Fourth Grade " which backfired. Timmy is friends with South Park's other disabled character, Jimmywho is able to understand what Timmy is saying.

Timmy Burch

In the first episode in which Jimmy appears, " Cripple Fight ", Timmy is intensely jealous of him and even tries to have him killed by giving him a parka like Kenny McCormick 's. Eventually, the two make amends and are shown hanging out together. This relationship was strained, however, in " Up the Down Steroid " when Timmy discovered that Jimmy was using steroids to cheat in the Special Olympics. The two, once again, make amends when Jimmy does the right thing by telling the truth.

Richard wears an old-fashioned red jacket with a white shirt underneath, and blue jeans. He has a crop of brown hair on top of his head.

His head seems to slump down, a little. Her hair is orange and shoulder length. The Musical ". Timmy bought Gobbles for fifty dollars from Farmer Carl Denkins.Ned Gerblanski is a Vietnam War Veteran, who is missing his right arm, and talks through an electrolarynxwith a voice performed by Trey Parker. He was almost always presented as Jimbo Kern 's apparently platonic companion.

Ned and Jimbo were both inspired by characters Parker drew in high school. Jimbo and Ned met while in the Vietnam War, where Jimbo was a helicopter pilot. During the war, Ned lost his right arm when a hand grenade exploded prematurely in his hand. In earlier episodes he can be seen with a skeletal, gray, prosthetic arm. Ned also lost his formerly mellifluous voice due to a laryngectomy, apparently caused by laryngeal cancer from cigarette smoking, and speaks with an electrolarynx.

He is usually seen hunting with Jimbo and is a co-host on Huntin' and Killin'. When Jimbo says "It's coming right for us", Ned usually repeats it in his electronic voice. Ned was more prominent in the first five seasons, much like Pip Pirrip and Chefusually featured alongside Jimbo Kern with the two acting as leaders of the townspeople in times of crisis. Their roles gradually diminished, and by the fifth season, Jimbo Kern began acting more as one of the townspeople, with Ned fading, and after the sixth season Ned has ceased to have speaking roles, being almost completely absent by season eight.

He finally received his first speaking role in an episode about 17 years later in " Time To Get Cereal ", where he was taken away by ManBearPig. He was considered missing until the season finale " Bike Parade ", where he was seen at the Bike Parade in a wheelchair, covered in full body cast.

south park i m a monkey

Ned has short, messy, gray-brown hair. He has a small mustache and goatee. His right arm is missing due to a grenade accident during the Vietnam War.

He wears a camouflage shirt, light blue jeans, sunglasses, and a black headband. Ned is usually straight-faced. He's very skinny and noticeably smaller than the other South Park adults. He is comparatively less detailed than some of the other adults in the show. Ned Gerblanski and his best friend Jimbo Kern represent South Park's large population of stereotypical "hicks". They are obsessed with large trucks, beer, guns, explosions, and killing animals.

They detest "liberals" and circumvent anti-hunting laws by yelling, "It's coming right for us! Later, after a court ruling, shooting the animals so as to "thin out their numbers", despite the fact that they are shown shooting at endangered species when they shout this phrase. Ned hardly shows any emotion; mostly just staring blankly ahead of him.

Hooked on Monkey Fonics - Full Episode - Season 03 - Ep 13 | South Park Studios

It was revealed in " Tweek vs. Craig ", that Ned used to be a State Champion Boxer until a grenade blew his right arm off. Throughout the episodes, many characters mainly Jimbo say that Ned is 'accident-prone' due to certain unfortunate things that have happened to him; blowing his arm off, running into a telephone pole, getting trampled by a herd of cows, etc.This is list of songs on South Park.

The name listed in parentheses indicates who originally sang the song. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Middle Park Cowboys half-time show.

Hankey Kyle's meets Mr. Hankey in the bathroom. Hankey, the Christmas Poo " " Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo song " Mr. Hankey Mr. Hankey appears at the town meeting.

Christmas play. Damien Thorn using his powers. Barbra Streisand destroying the town. Robert Smith as Moth-ra. Categories :. Officer Barbrady And Eric Cartman. Jerome "Chef" McElroy. Marvin Marsh shows Stan Marsh what it's like to be old. Jerome "Chef" McElroy as a zombie. Chef turns into a zombie at the South Park Morgue.

Hankey, the Christmas Poo ". In the South Park Mental House. Cartman expresses his feeling for Sheila Broflovski. Hankey, the Christmas Poo song ".It originally aired on November 10, It features issues of homeschooling and phonicsa method of teaching children to read. This is the final episode of South Park to feature the voice talents of Mary Kay Bergmanwho died by suicide the day after the episode aired.

The final episode to use her dialogue was " Starvin' Marvin in Space " which ended production shortly before her death. In preparation for a spelling beeCartman's mother buys him a "Hooked on Monkey Fonics" system that features an actual live monkey playing the drums to keep with the beat of spelling and sounding out the words. After spelling a couple of words, Cartman believes he will have a chance to win the spelling bee. While at the spelling bee, the children face stiff competition from two homeschooled children, Rebecca and Mark Cotswalds.

Cartman asks the monkey to help him spell his word, chairbut Phonics Monkey is masturbatingand Cartman misspells it as "C-H-A-R-E"; angered, he runs off to chase the monkey.

In the final round, Kyle is unable to spell his word, " Kroxldyphivc " which in reality isn't an actual wordcorrectly and Rebecca and Mark are declared the champions. Although Kyle is annoyed at having been beaten, he ends up developing a crush on Rebecca.

Mark becomes intrigued by the interactions he sees between Cartman, Kyle, and Stanand begs his father to be allowed to attend public school. His father objects due to how dangerous public schools can be, but reluctantly relents. This prompts Mark's father to speak with the adults in Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails about the incident and the fact that Kyle has become smitten with Rebecca and should stop pursuing her. The adults are quick to dislike him as much as the kids dislike Mark; after learning that he does not drink beer but prefers wine coolersthey proceed to duct tape Mark's father to one of the bar's benches.

After questioning Mark about why he has never been seen before and why he does not attend school like the other children, Cartman is introduced to the concept of home schooling.

The idea of never having to go to school appeals to him greatly, and, using Mr. Garrison's condescending remarks towards him as an excuse, demands to be home schooled himself. To him, this involves a regimen of sleeping in and sitting in bed while snacking and watching televisionwhile his mother unsuccessfully attempts to get him to study.

Meanwhile, Kyle makes many efforts to make his feelings known to Rebecca, although several end up humorously unsuccessful. Ultimately he convinces her to explore the world of public schooling, and she agrees to go to the South Park dance with him. He also explains what love is to her and, out of curiosity, she asks Kyle if she can experiment a kiss with him, to which he agrees.

After kissing him, Rebecca immediately changes when she agrees to Kyle's dance proposal "You bet your sweet ass I'll go.

At the dance, the band Dio plays their song " Holy Diver ". The boys of the school hatch a plan to duct tape Mark to the flagpole while the adults also hatch a similar plan for Mark's father.Alphonse Mephesto is an eccentric geneticist and stereotypical mad scientist, as he lives and works at South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch.

Whenever the people of South Park need something beyond the natural, they turn to him. He tends to put more than one ass on different animals. The character is an extended reference to Marlon Brando's portrayal of Dr.

Moreau in the film version of The Island of Dr. Like Dr. Moreau, Dr. Mephesto creates strange creatures with his talents; however, his creations are things like animals with multiple sets of buttocks. Mephesto believes it is for the good of the Earth, and that one-assed animals are useless and must be destroyed.

He also performs experiments ranging from simple DNA tests to creating a genetic clone of Stan Marsh for his son's project and later a clone of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Mephesto has two children, Terrancewho is in the fourth grade class with the main characters, and Kevin.

Although Mephesto is shown to be Terrance's father, they are never seen together save for one episode and he is never shown with the other parents. Kevin's story is told in the song " Mephesto and Kevin " by Primus from Chef Aid: The South Park Album; he was apparently a failed attempt to create a perfect pop singer, a test tube baby created from Michael Jackson 's sperm and the egg of an unspecified, musically talented female donor, brought to term inside the womb of a llama.

It is also revealed Kevin is legally Dr. Mephesto's son. He is seen in a crowd in " Freak Strike ". He can also be heard singing at the end of "Mephesto and Kevin". His brother has never been seen, but it was first said in the episode " Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut " that he attempts to shoot Mephesto every month on routine.

Later in " " it is revealed the real reason that he shot Mephesto is that he was a Broncos fan, and revealing that Cartman's biological father played for the Broncos may distract the team, which was having a good year.

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