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I watched the movie "Michael" and in it were several references to the aroma of the supposed angel. I'm sixty years old and have not actually lived a pious life, however I distinctly remember instances in my life when I was overwhelmed by a certain pleasant aroma that for some reason I connected it to the presence of an angel. I have know idea how I reached that conclusion yet the the aroma was such that I literally tried to "consume" it out of the air.

Do Angels Have A Distinctive Aroma?

It was an aroma that fell somewhere between a baked pastry and a perfumed fragrance. I had never heard of this elsewhere until there were several references to it in that Travolta movie. I haven't experienced it in many years yet it is ingrained in my memory. Have any more info on this subject? To me, the scent is either that of an Easter Lily, or the scent of the very delicate "Lily of the Valley" flower.

To me, these flowers smell similar…almost pure. The scent of angels smells to me like a lighter version of easter lilies. Hard to define. I associate the scent of jasmine and gardenias and orange blossoms, mixed with easter lilies, as the scent of angels. You know it when you smell it. Usually happens when I'm alone.

smelling perfume when no one is around in islam

It's happened several times and each time I look around searching for the source of the aroma, only to realize I am totally alone. Or so I think…. A week after my Dad passed away, around 11pm If I remember, I distinctly smelt a floral aroma, in one specific place by the living room door and it seemed to be there for about 5 minutes, the aroma was so strong and so floral, all I could say to my Mum and my Brother was that it was like being in a garden of roses.

My mum could also smell this beautiful aroma and at first we thought it was dad reassuring us, and I continued to believe that for along time, but now after reading about the aroma's, I believe now it was an angel come to offer love in our time of distress. I wished and wished to be able to smell that aroma again, there was nothing like it.

I hope when it was my Dad's time to go in the ward, they came to him and offered the same comfort on the way. I did a Google on this subject because it happened to me last week. I only told my wife about it for fear of people thinking that I had lost it. She was skeptical and just said that she knew that it was real to me so I guess she didn't believe that it was angels, just my grief and imagination. My mother died last February. I recently cleared out her house in order to put it up for sale.

On Wednesday, I had a charity come to pick up the last remaining items of furniture. Afterwards, the pleasant odor of flowers filled the house. I mainly noticed it in the living room and in the bedroom. It couldn't have been any perfume that was spilled because all of that stuff had been removed about a month ago. There aren't any flowers blooming in the yard or nearby. My parents always spoke about angels and would tell me that they were sending their guardian angel with me whenever I traveled anywhere.

The only explanation that makes any sense to me is the presence of angels.

10 Cheap Fragrances that Smell Like Expensive Fragrances! Part 4!

I don't necessarily think that it was the presence of my mother, but I certainly believe that it was an angelic experience. I am so comforted after reading your entry. I was on the way to visit my 96 yr old father. My mom passed away 4 yrs ago. I felt the scent came from heaven somehow. My mom always told me she disliked the scent of lillies bc it reminded her of death. But somehow I was still comforted by the scent even though I could not figure out where it was coming from.View Full Version : Smelling perfume that no-one sprayed.

Last night we had friends around who didn't leave until late. Half an hour before they left I went upstairs into my bedroom while everyone was downstairs and had been for the whole night. Walking into the middle of the room straight away I smelt a strong sense of perfume I didn't spray anything that night nor did my husband.

The smell disappeared when I went back into the room and I've not smelt it since. I just thought of that the other day. I love vanilla I smell it randomly even when I am outside.

smelling perfume when no one is around in islam

I see it as a gift from heaven :. But it's not a perfume or scent I would normally wear, it is strong and not my taste, that is how I noticed it so much. I am not saying it's yours that you smell, it it also not mine own perfume I smell as I smell it only when I am not wearing anything nor am I around others that have vanilla on them nor in a room or house where something could smell like vanilla.

Why I say they are gifts from heaven is because there is no physical cause for us to smell these things. Maybe someone that has passed over is trying to get your attention since it is not a smell you wear. For me it is the scent I like and favor Have you been thinking of someone lately that has passed over? If for example you have been thinking about your Grandmother, ask her children if they remember what kind of perfume she used to wear. Research the smell.

Ask yourself questions such as what does this smell remind you of. The answer will come if you keep searching. I think the smell might be my mother in law who recently passed a week before Christmas, just I was taken back by smelling it I now forgot what it smells like lol. I'm a man who lives alone in a house I built so as you could possibly imagine my place gets a bit whiffy at times If it were a message I'd say someone likes the smell of where I'm going What do you mean with "where I'm going"?

Where are you going?I replied. After the exchange of pure greetings between the Master Lady of the Universe and the Master Youth of Paradise, Imam Hasan AS remarks that he smells a pleasant scent at home which resembles the fragrance of his grandfather - the Prophet SA.

This is the second time in the Tradition of the Cloak that the Holy Prophet SA is described physically with a positive attribute. The first being his shining face that resembles a full moon, and the second being the good scent which emanates from his pure being. It is not surprising as all the prophets and messengers have good fragrance and there was never anything shameful or humiliating ever displayed from them.

Then one can imagine the Seal of Prophets and Messengers who is the best of creation! Surely, he must enjoy physical and materialistic purity that complements the spiritual purity. Every person in this world has two aspects of his life, apparent and concealed which are physical and spiritual, respectively. The balance in the development of a good human being is obligatory for both activities.

Islam is a clean religion and prefers a person to be clean physically and have pure thoughts. Physical purity provides a person respect and honor in the eyes of the world. Allah SWT advises the believers to clean themselves for such a condition suits their spiritual state and nature. Cleanliness is considered a form of worship by believers, and is therefore a source of great relief and pleasure to them.

And shun uncleanness. Furthermore, physical cleanliness is important because it shows one's respect for other people. Indeed, respecting other people requires taking care of one's physical appearance. Having a pleasant fragrance is certainly a sign of cleanliness and the Prophet SA is the best exemplar for both physical and spiritual cleanliness combined together and has apparently attained the reputation of having good scent as it is narrated that a beautiful scent of musk used to emanate from his drops of sweat.

Sure enough, Lady Fatima AS confirms that deduction and informs Hasan that his grandfather is indeed under the cloak. Skip to main content.I was home alone today and as I walked down the hallway I saw my dog staring at the bathroom, right outside the door the door was open. Her tail was down and I thought she saw a lizard or bug that got in.

I picked her up and walked into the bathroom. I immediately smelt a perfume with a scent of Gardena flowers in it. It was only in one spot the middle of the bathroom, no where else. If I walked a bit towards the shower, it was gone and my dog turned her head behind my back to look at the middle of the bathroom. Then I walked through the smell still in the middle and then I couldn't smell it and my dog turned her head again still holding her to look at the middle.

I then stood in the middle and I smelt it for a couple of minutes until it went away. My parents later came home and I told them. They said it was my grandmother who had passed away before I was born, I am My grandma loved gradinas and the perfume chloe which my Mom told me has a scent of gardenias in it.

My Dad had showed me her old coin collection the day before and it might have been triggered by that. My Mom told that many years ago she was in an apartment my dad and her owned before I was born and they still had it after my grandma died but sold it shortly after, anyway she said she smelt my grandmas perfume.

So shes made contact before. I want her to come back again very soon. Is there a way I can get in contact with her?

I heard you can do evp's and I have a small recorder that I think will work. I don't want to bring in any bad spirits so if an evp will trigger something bad, I dont want to do it. Maybe I should leave her alone and let her come back when she wants. From stories my family members have told me, my grandma was a very amazing and spiritual women and this might be why she can come back.

So my question is, is it ok to do an evp? If so can you tell me how to preform a good evp or provide a site with instructions? Should I also do it in the bathroom where I smelled her perfume?

Lastly, if I decide not to do an evp or if it isn't good to do one, do I have any other choices? No sayonces please. Hope you can help! It does kind of sound like your grandma was looking in on you.

Given that she never met you, maybe this was a way of making a connection to you. Nothing wrong with doing an EVP but make sure background noise is negated. You don't want to have something on your tape which could be open to interpretation. You want to make sure it's your grandma. When Mum passed away years ago she was buried with this perfume that was quite specific in smell.

Occasionally I would smell it in all sorts of places, often when I was by myself, though. It dissipated after a few years. I always saw that smell as a sign she was checking in on me.

It would be quite possible that since you smelled gardenias, and that scent was associated with your grandmother, that it was her coming for a visit. She is capable of coming and going whenever she wishes to. As for doing an EVP, there is no reason not to. Doing it will not automatically attract an evil spirit. If it did the evil spirits would be busy running all over to be recorded.Log in or Sign up. Welcome to the Homesteading Today Forum and Community!

Keep smelling familiar perfume but no one's here Discussion in ' Countryside Families ' started by JuliaAnnNov 27, Nov 27, 1. Messages: 5, This is becoming quite distressing. I'm alone, have been since last night.

DH and boys at the deer camp. I am not wearing perfume. I don't have any right now, what I had got old and stale and I threw it out about a year or more back. I don't use fabric softener on our clothes, my deodorant is unscented, haven't used hand lotion or anything more than Suave shampoo that removes buildup, which doesn't have much scent, and I washed my hands with Palmolive green dish soap.

I am smelling a very familiar perfume, it literally keeps wafting in front of my face. Been going on for about half an hour. It's not my clothes or my hair, it's nothing on or in the desk, I've looked. It's nothing in this immediate area, or the house. I cannot account for this fragrance. It is driving me crazy. I know this smell. I want to say L'air du Temps, or White Shoulders? Something soft, floral, slight hint of rose and baby powder.

I KNOW this smell. I am thinking it is the perfume that one of my grandmothers wore, my grandmother who is in a nursing home in another state, lost in the last stages of Alzheimers. Suppose I should make a phone call to my parents, to see if everything is ok. JuliaAnnNov 27, Nov 27, 2.

Messages: 2, Might be a good idea. TJN66Nov 27, When you contact your guardian angel in prayer or meditationyou may smell a distinctive fragrance of some kind that conveys a particular message to you. Since our brains process scents in the same area where they process intuitive thoughts and feelings — the limbic system — fragrances are powerfully evocative for us, often bringing to mind something or someone we associate with each scent we smell and triggering memories of the related experiences.

Here are some of the different types of scent messages that your guardian angel may communicate to you:. Angels often send people the scent of flowers — especially of roses, which have the highest energy vibration rate of any flower since angels' energy vibrates at a high frequency, they connect more easily with living things that have highly vibrating energy fields.

If you smell a flower scent while praying or meditating, yet there are no flowers nearby, the fragrance is probably coming from your guardian angel as a sign that he or she is with you and wants to encourage you.

Your guardian angel may send you a scent that reminds you of a person, or even a pet, you love when you've been praying or meditating about that individual. If you've been discussing your spouse with your guardian angel, your angel may send you the scent of your wife's favorite perfume or your husband's favorite cologne — or even their personal body scent — to tell you that your angel will be praying for your spouse. If you're grieving the death of a beloved pet, you may smell what your pet smelled like as your angel's way of comforting you.

You may smell scents that remind you of a place you're talking with your guardian angel about, such as a home, office, school, or park. These scented messages are designed to evoke your memories of special places in your life — places that have served as the settings for the events or situations you're praying or meditating about now.

For example, if you're seeking healing for emotional wounds you suffered when you were bullied in school, your guardian angel may send you a scent that reminds you of your past school to help you open up about your traumatic experiences there.

Or, if you're expressing gratitude for a memorable vacation you took with your family, your angel may celebrate with you by sending you the fragrance of a place where you all made good memories such as the mountain air or seaside breeze you smelled while hiking together.

Since the smell of food triggers memories of key moments when you ate that type of food, your guardian angel may send you the scent of a memorable meal or distinctive food you shared with loved ones if you're praying or meditating about them. So you may perceive the scent of a backyard cookout you enjoyed with your son, the sugar cookies you and your daughter made together at Christmas or the aroma of coffee that you and a close friend often shared before work.

Your guardian angel may send you a fragrance that symbolizes something that your angel wants to communicate to you.

Some common meanings for certain scents:. Whenever you're not sure about the meaning of a certain type of scent that your guardian angel sends you during prayer or meditation, feel free to ask your angel to clarify the meaning for you so you'll know you're fully understanding your angel's message. Share Flipboard Email.

Smelling Perfume When No One Is Around?

Whitney Hopler. Religion Expert. Whitney Hopler has written on faith topics since Frankincense : spiritual enlightenment Rose : comfort or encouragement Grapefruit : gratitude Mint : purity Cinnamon : peace Spruce : joy.Phantosmia is the medical word used by doctors when a person smells something that is not actually there.

Phantosmia is also called a phantom smell or an olfactory hallucination.

smelling perfume when no one is around in islam

The smells vary from person to person but are usually unpleasant, such as burnt toast, metallic, or chemical smells. Problems with the nose, such as sinusitisor conditions of the nervous system or brain, including migrainestrokeor schizophrenia can cause phantosmia.

In this article, we look at the causes and symptoms of phantosmia, when to see a doctor, and how to differentiate phantosmia from related conditions, such as parosmia. It happens when a person can smell something that is not there. Phantosmia is relatively uncommon. It makes up around 10 to 20 percent of disorders related to the sense of smell. In most cases, phantosmia is not a cause for concern and will go away on its own. However, phantosmia can be a sign of a serious underlying condition, so people should always discuss this symptom with their doctor.

Some phantom smells are pleasant, but people with phantosmia more often describe unpleasant, foul, or disgusting odors. These may include:. People are often unable to identify the specific smell, or it may be a smell that they have never encountered before. Phantosmia can feel distressing and may get in the way of daily life. People may experience phantom smells for many reasons.

They may be related to the nose, when the condition is known as peripheral phantosmia, or to the brain, which is called central phantosmia. Problems with the nose or nasal cavity are the most common causes of smell-related disorders such as phantosmia. These include:. Otherwise, phantom smells can arise because of problems with how the brain understands smells.

When phantosmia is related to nose problems, people may notice a stronger smell in one nostril than the other. Saline rinses and anesthetic pads can often help reduce the smell. When phantosmia is related to the brain or central nervous systemthe smells are often more persistent. They can be noticeable during the day and night, and both nostrils rather than only one experience the same smell. In some cases, people may believe they are noticing a phantom smell, when they may instead be noticing a real but unexpected smell.

People with parosmia are smelling real-life smells, but they are distorted. For instance, the smell of flowers could trigger a smell of chemicals instead.