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Discussion in ' General Conversation ' started by Abu65Feb 7, Log in or Sign up. Best Flathead rods? Feb 7, 1. Messages: I'm going to the catfish conference in a few weeks and am interested in getting some new rods. What is everyone's choice these days for a good Flathead rod? Abu65Feb 7, Catfishnfreak likes this. Feb 7, 2.

flathead catfish rods

I like the rippin lips 7'6mh for flathead. Soft tip so you can see your bait is still alive, good backbone to turn them my way. Hate the split grips, but like the rods. BBKFeb 7, Feb 7, 3. CatfishnfreakFeb 7, Feb 7, 4.

Bank-Pole Catfish #1

Shannon, You just opened a can of worms my friend. I've seen some pretty epic rod discussions on this site. Not quite Ford v Chevy insert pee imoji but battles all the same. When looking for a good flathead rod I like rods with plenty of backbone and fast tips. Some may describe them as good live bait tips. I like the tip to tell me whether my bluegill is still kicking before the slow takedown tells me the flathead has found the bait. There are plenty of worthy contenders but my top flathead rod is the Okuma Battlecat.

Those rods have a nice backbone and the tips are fantastic. I've sampled most of the contenders but have yet to test the Warrior Cat and Catfish Fever models. Good luck and enjoy the conference. CatmanFeb 7, Feb 7, 5. Messages: 8, I have several of the Rippin Lips MH rods and for the price you can't beat them in my opinion. The TWC extreme is also an excellent big cat rod that I have and really like. It has the best reel seat I have seen. There are several good rods out there and the conference is the place to see them.

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That will give you the chance to do the touchy feely thing. Some venders will give a discount if you buy several so be sure to check on that. Light lines.It has a soft tip that can detect light bites and even a pound fish can be noticed on the end. The superflex is a moderate action rod made to put on a show. A rod that has the perfect balace between strength, performance and awesome flex. Each Tomcat Heavy is equipped with 10 Stainless Steel Guides plus a Stainless Steel tip so if your fighting a pound fish or a pound log, line will never touch the blank.

It also grips firm in your hand no matter the conditions. The Heavy is an ideal choice for those fishing in Medium to large rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Or anywhere where you need that little bit of extra lead to keep the bait where you need it. The Tomcat Heavy has been tried and tested under the heaviest and harshest cat fishing conditions.

Proving itself and standing up against the some of the biggest fish any world class fishery has to offer. Here is where imaginations can run wild and options are almost endless. Please inqire for options, opinions or ideas at tommy tomcatrods. Your email address will not be published. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Exclusive products Special category of products.

Choose an option Matte Black White. Choose an option Casting Spinning Clear.Quick Navigation. In this article, we will cover what kind of catfish rods and reels are the best and will last the longest!

Check Current Price. These KastKing KatTech rods make catching catfish a breeze. Made with their composite graphite and s-glass construction, these rods are good enough for either a tournament or a day out chasing monsters. Between the strength and the sensitivity, this rod takes the cake for the best catfish rod in our lineup. Designed specifically for spinning reels. This rod allows you to attach any spinning reel you like.

This rod has a double locking reel seat with aircraft grade aluminum, which is a nice touch to the standard plastic seats out there. Not to mention the color on this rod is bright, which makes it nice to see while night fishing.

They use an E-glass blank, which you know can take a beating from a monster cat.

flathead catfish rods

This rod has what you need to land the big ones. It offers a two-piece design for easy transport in any vehicle or boat. The sensitive tip allows you to feel even the slightest nibble. With this, you can be prepared for a secure hook set. Ugly Tech Construction with added graphite for lighter Sometimes you need a rod to double duty and not just be one species-specific. This is a great casting rod so be sure to throw on your favorite baitcaster or conventional and let her rip. We recommend going with the 8-foot model because it gives you a little extra rod to play with and opens up the lake or river a bit more.

We like the white color of this rod to help us see better while night fishing. This rod has no problem throwing oz weights and can bring in the pound catfish without a sweat. Tubular glass blank construction combines rugged durability Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts help eliminateCatfish are the most favorite species for anglers. Blues, channels, and flatheads are the three main species of catfishes. Pretty much all catfishes are very hard to catch and they do fiercest fights against fishing rods.

To catch them easily every angler needs the best catfish rod which is specially designed to withstand the stress and force from catfishes. Owing the catfish rod enables anglers to handle all varieties of catfish species.

Many anglers do not pay attention to the catfish rods and invest in the wrong fishing rods. Selecting the right fishing rod for the catfishes is extremely important to tackle the catfishes. But most of the anglers may not have an idea how to select the right one. For the solution here are the buying guide and top best catfishes we have carefully selected just for you!

To select the catfish rods, You need to know their best qualities and best features. In this buying guide, we will let you know all the ideal qualities of catfish rods. Check Price. After doing more than hours of research and testing hundreds of catfish rods, reading recommended books about catfishing, researching on the behavior of catfish, reviewing all the techniques in the catfishing, Speaking to experienced anglers, we have gathered a lot of information about catfish rods.

We have heard many anglers commits big mistake during the selection of the catfish rods. As we don't want you to be a victim of poor quality catfish rods, here are the best qualities and features which make the best catfish rods. Rod Length : The length of a fishing rod plays an importance role in the fishing. The performance of the rod depends on the length of the rod. Most of the rod lengths size in between 5 foot to 7 foot.

Based on the type of catfish and type of water the rod length may vary. Select the fishing rod based on your needs and the range of performance you want. Different ranges of power are available on the fishing rods. Ultra light, medium, medium heavy, heavy are different ranges of power.

flathead catfish rods

Channel catfishes may need a medium to medium heavy action. Blue and flathead catfishes are very good fighters and need more power.

Catfish Rods: The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Rods

So they need medium-heavy to heavy range of power. Materials used : Catfish rods are mostly made up of five types of materials. E-Glass, S-glass, Graphite, carbon fiber and composite are five types of materials used in the making of catfish rods. E-Glass Catfish rods : Catfish rods made up of E-glass material are very popular in usage and favorite type of material for most of the catfish anglers.

The E-glass material is very strong, thick and powerful. They are less sensitive and weighs a little more. S-glass Catfish Rods : The s-glass material is more superior than the E-glass material. It is developed in the recent years.Parked along a dark riverbank one night many years back, friends and I had just settled in for what was sure to be an epic evening chasing channel cats.

Everything was right — new moon, warm southerly breeze, baitfish flipping in the shallows — until a singular sudden event turned everything, well, weird. Propped on a flimsy forked stick, my brand new Ugly Stick seemed ready for action.

Meanwhile, as we kicked back on the dewy grass, swapping stories, a sudden strange clink-zzt-splash! Sickeningly, I noticed mine was folded over in the sand, and no longer clutched its rod. I was soon groping along, feeling for glass and graphite in the muddy shallows, on the verge of diving into the drink, when Keith's rod thumped twice, and started to jump. Just before his combo nearly launched lakeside, too, Keith snatched it up and threw a deep arc into the blank.

Soon enough, standing there in a foot of water, I was amazed when a colossal channel cat rolled into the net, three lines protruding mysteriously from its muscular jaws. Keith extracted his hook first, before going to work on a second, which looked oddly familiar. Rigs, line and sinkers seemed to be coming from all directions.

Top 10 Catfish Rods

And upon removing the second hook and rig, we realized it had to be mine. So retrieving the line hand-over-hand, I soon clutched a rod tip and then, amazingly, the whole recognizable outfit was back in my muddy paws. As Keith reveled in his big catfish catch, and I in my recaptured Ugly Stik, our buddy Matt had managed to grapple the third line and now held in his hands a very expensive — and more or less mint — rod and reel combo, which was attached to a still-intact plastic worm.

And for the next hour, we laughed like 5-year-olds. Never caught another catfish that night. But it didn't matter. The outing would live on in our minds and memories, forever — Attack of the Cat Burglar, and fortunes lost, restored and then some. Here's hoping you'll hang on to your favorite catfish rods tight, next time the catfish burglar comes a callin'.

So when they released the Silver Cat rods last year, these flashy sticks were met with immediate enthusiasm. The brand new Silver Cat Magnum rods are built to tame big blues and flatheads, and with muscle to spare. Like the original Silver Cat, the percent fiberglass blanks on the Magnums sport wrapped nylon cord grips for super sure handling. Heavy-duty actions start with mega backbone and end with sensitivity in the tip.

Eight 'Super Slick ' guides and graphite reel seats enhance this three-rod series.The flathead catfish Pylodictis olivarisalso called by several common names including mudcat or shovelhead catis a large species of North American freshwater catfish in the family Ictaluridae. It is the only species of the genus Pylodictis. Ranging from the lower Great Lakes region to northern Mexicoit has been widely introduced and is an invasive species in some areas.

The closest living relative of the flathead catfish is the much smaller widemouth blindcatSatan eurystomus. The flathead catfish is also known as the yellow cat, mud cat, Johnnie cat, goujonappaluchionopelousas[3] [4] pied cat and Mississippi cat.

Its maximum recorded lifespan is 24 years. The native range of the flathead catfish includes a broad area west of the Appalachian Mountains encompassing large rivers of the MississippiMissouriand Ohio basins. The range extends as far north as Canadaas far west as Texasand south to the Gulf of Mexico including northeastern Mexico.

The flathead catfish cannot live in full-strength seawater which is about 35 parts per thousand or about 35 grams of salt per liter of waterbut it can survive in 10 ppt for a while and thrive in up to about 5 ppt. The flathead catfish prefers live prey. It is a voracious carnivore and feeds primarily on fishesinsectsannelid worms, and crustaceans. It also feeds on other small catfish and almost anything that moves and makes vibration. Spawning of P. The males, which also build the nests, fiercely and tirelessly defend and fan the clutch.

The size of the clutch varies proportionately to the size of the female; an average of 2, eggs per kilogram of fish are laid. The fry frequent shallow areas with rocky and sandy substrates, where they feed on insects and worms such as annelids and polychaetes.

Young flathead catfish are also cannibalisticwhich has largely precluded their presence in aquaculture.

Superflex Series – Heavy – Freshwater Big Game Rod – Custom

Inhabiting deep pools, lakes, and large, slow-moving rivers, the flathead catfish is popular among anglers ; its flesh is widely regarded as the tastiest of the catfishes. Its size also makes the flathead catfish an effective subject of public aquaria.

Sport fishing for flathead catfish using either rod and reel, limb lines, or bare hands noodling can be an exciting pastime. Anglers target this species in a variety of waterways, including small rivers barely large enough for a canoelarge rivers such as the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Colorado Riversand reservoirs. A common element of flathead catfish location is submerged wood cover such as logs and rootwads which often collect at bends in rivers.

A good flathead spot usually also includes relatively deep water compared to the rest of a particular section of river, a moderate amount of current, and access to plentiful baitfish such as river herring, shad, carp, drum, panfish, or suckers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Conservation status. Rafinesque This section relies largely or entirely upon a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. World Records - Freshwater Fishing. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles with 'species' microformats Articles needing additional references from October All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October All articles with incomplete citations Articles with incomplete citations from August Namespaces Article Talk.What sets this Warrior Cat Rod apart from the rest?

The first thing I would mention is the appearance. We have spent countless hours on every little detail to bring you the best catfish rod possible. Take the guides for example, all of our rods are thoroughly tested to ensure there is an adequate number of guides and they are spaced appropriately to achieve maximum casting distance and guarantee your line never touches the blank under any circumstances. The guides have been under wrapped to ensure no damage to the blank will occur even under the heaviest pressure.

Then, there is the awesome aluminum reel seat. All of this leads up to the blank. A light tip designed to detect the lightest of bites is backed up by an unbelievable backbone!

Ever tried to pull your 4 wheeler with your MH catfish rod? We did! There was absolutely no breakage. Ever set the hook into a pound Tommy Fish? See this and other videos of this rod in action right here on the website with our insane tests of durability and strength. This type of performance is unheard of for a rod in its class.

The Warrior Cat Rod is a true warrior, always ready for a good fight. If you are looking for a rod to sling large baits this is the rod for you!! Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Warrior Cat Tackle gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. Welcome to Warrior Cat Rods!